Text messages sent between two locations (one a train) The Upper Tier of the Inner Cosmos, February 14 2015 CE. [Transcribed]

Transcription begins.

  • Priya: Hi! Did you get to the train?
    • Carto: Dear Priya, How are you? I am fine. To answer your query, yes. We all safely boarded the train. We have a set four seats with a table between us. As you suggested, these are the better arrangement of seats for our purpose. Yours, Cartographer Homunculus.
  • Priya: It is OK to write less formally
  • Pryia: It is more like having a chat than writing a letter
    • Carto: I see. It was very hard to type all of those words. The small letters do not suit my fingers very well.
  • Priya: I just wanted to check that you and your friend are safe
    • Carto: My friend is safer than he was. The man you met and his comrade are still with us. This is not unlike when we were on a carriage being guarded by the police of the horselords.
  • Priya: Horse lords?
    • Carto: The dynastic rulers of the horses on my tier. They are very noble but also very suspicious of anybody who is not a horse.
  • Priya: Are they actual horses or are they like people?
    • Carto: Everybody is people Priya
  • Priya: I mean do they look like regular horses or do they look more human like
    • Carto: Apart from their hands they look like the horses on your tier
  • Priya: So their front feet are hands? I can’t imagine that
    • Carto: They have hoof-like knuckles and when they stand on all fours their finges sort of fold into the hoof part. It’s a bit rude to draw attention to it though.
  • Priya: Oh! I’m sorry!
    • Carto: It’s only rude if there was a horse in the conversation.
  • Priya: šŸ™‚
    • Carto: How do you type a face?
    • Carto: šŸ™‚
    • Carto: I found out how!
    • Carto: šŸ˜‹šŸŽ
  • Priya: Welcome to the 21st century!
    • Carto: šŸ¦“šŸš²šŸ°ā›µļøšŸ‰šŸ‘暟šžšŸ”®āš”ļø
  • Priya: LOL
  • Priya: That means ‘laugh out loud’
    • Carto: Do I have to laugh out loud?
  • Priya: No I am laughing out loud
    • Carto: LOL
  • Priya: Before you go away again send me a message so I know you got away safely
    • Carto: I will if I can. Esquin doesn’t understand what I am doing with this phone.
  • Priya: Can he read what you are typing?
    • Carto: No Sir Pangolin is sitting next to me. He is sleeping.
  • Priya: And Sir Pangolin is an actual Pangolin?
    • Carto: A bit bigger than your kind of pangolins. He is about the height of an eight-year old child.
  • Priya: I hope that big coat worked to hide his appearance
    • Carto: Not entirely
    • Carto: At the station a woman stopped us and was frightened by his appearance.
  • Priya: Oh no!
    • Carto: Then she decided it was a child in a disguise. This did not worry her. She asked “Is this a star wars thing?”
  • Priya: What did you say?
    • Carto: I said that yes it was and that my son was in a disguise. She laughed and then patted his head.
  • Priya: šŸ˜…
    • Carto: Sir Pangolin was not happy about being patted on his head. I have since told two other strangers that it is a ‘star wars thing’. I don’t know what that means but it seems to work.
  • Priya: šŸ˜‚
    • Carto: I must thank you again for all your help.
  • Priya: No need to thank me just be safe
    • Carto: I think we are nearly there. This phone has a map that shows me where I am.
  • Priya: I knew you would like that
    • Carto: The train is slowing. I think the station is near.
  • Priya: Good luck Carto! Get home safely!


2 thoughts on “Chapter 24: Text messages

  1. Priya is quite a good friend. Sir P must be humiliated by having to pretend he’s a child in a costume!

    Liked by 1 person

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